Memoirs of a Ziggy

Sooooo…what’s the big deal??

I want you guys to check out We Buy Houses but first…let me vent a little..

I never quite understood this whole “my house is losing it’s value” thing. I mean, unless you are planning to move in the near future, you shouldn’t worry about what your home is worth because you aren’t going anywhere right?

Let’s look at the fact:

- Your home is YOUR home. You own it.

- A good salesman can sell ice to an Eskimo.

- Don’t plan on moving ever? Why worry about what your house is worth?

BUT…..If you are just so happening planning to move, I found this cool site that can help some of you out. These people will buy your house. End of story. Ready to move out and on with a new life and new beginning? We Buy Houses is a great site to try selling your house. Just enter your zip and BOOYAH you got potential buyers. At least check it out….all they need is a zip code! We Buy Houses

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